LosPollosTV unbanned from Twitch after 25 hours

The popular streamer is back after a brief ban.

Image via Twitch

LosPollosTv is back on Twitch after serving a brief 25-hour ban. The popular streamer hasn’t confirmed the reason why he was banned, but it was likely nothing major considering the short punishment.

LosPollosTV is a streamer for Luminosity Gaming and is known for his Call of Duty, NBA 2K, Fortnite, and Uno content. Last month, he broke the world record for the longest livestream during a 162-hour broadcast. The player recently hosted a movie night on stream and watched Super Size Me with his viewers. Fans have speculated that this was the reason for his ban since an explicit showing of a prostate exam was briefly displayed on stream.

The immediate punishment drew criticism from fans who believed it was unfair to LosPollosTV. Other big streamers, such as Pokimane, have also shown explicit content on stream by accident and only received a warning. The official reason for the ban still hasn’t been disclosed, so fans will have to speculate on what caused the brief ban.

LosPollosTV wasn’t fazed by the short suspension, though, because of other things going on in his personal life. He explained on Twitter that his ex-girlfriend was recently diagnosed with cancer and that this situation was more important than his short ban from Twitch.

This is LosPollosTV’s third Twitch ban in that past year. He received a two-day ban in September and an eight-hour ban in February. All of his bans have ended relatively quickly and without issue.

LosPollosTV fans can likely expect the popular streamer to make a return soon.