Jokerd acknowledged as world’s first WoW Classic level 60 player

He needed less than four days to reach the level cap.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft streamer Jokerd has become the first player in the West to reach level 60 in Classic. He achieved that milestone with a Mage on the Mograine server in Europe at 1:40pm CT today, Aug. 30. That means he needed three days, 20 hours, and 40 minutes since WoW Classic’s release, which included over 78 hours of streaming.

There’s no confirmed information about the progress of players trying to hit level 60 in Eastern countries, which means Jokerd could also be acknowledged as the first WoW Classic player in the world to reach the level cap.

Over 300,000 people were watching him on Twitch when he reached level 60.

A good portion of Jokerd’s leveling came from soloing mobs around the world. He didn’t play any dungeons in the later stages of his progress, and instead, he formed tight-packed mobs to clear with area-of-effects spells such as Blizzard.

He only used the help of friends starting on the latest levels of his grind to activate the layering system by joining and leaving groups. Blizzard intentionally built that into Classic for the first weeks of the server and it allowed Jokerd to skip the wait time for mobs and farm faster.

Jokerd reached level 60 way ahead of the second-place player in the West, who’s still on level 56. His speed and efficiency led some players to believe he had someone else playing on his account while he was sleeping, but there’s no evidence of this.

Now that Jokerd has reached level 60, all he can do is wait for other players to literally get on his level so that he can join a new race—this time to world’s first Onyxia or Molten Core raid clear. This should be a few days ahead of us, though, since Jokerd still needs to wait for at least another 39 players to hit level 60 to raid either of these two bosses.