Top player in WoW Classic’s race to level 60 accused of account sharing

There's no proof besides an alleged joke, though.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Jokerd, the World of Warcraft player leading the race to Classic’s first level 60 character, has been accused of account sharing by esports organization Method.

At time of writing, he’s the only player reported to be over level 50 in WoW Classic. The player had reportedly joked about having a brother playing for him during a stream minutes before Method called him out on its own stream.

“It is confirmed Jokerd is sharing his account with his brother,” one of the casters said during Method’s broadcast of the race to level 60. “However, we will be refraining from talking about him for a little while. Technically it’s account sharing, but it’s not against [Blizzard’s] ToS to share it with family members. So take it as you will.”

But some viewers say Method is wrongfully accusing Jokerd after people shared the clip of him joking about having a brother. Fans of the player say this is a running joke in his chat since he’s so ahead of other contenders in the race. According to these fans, Method streamers have fallen for the joke and didn’t verify if the claim was true.

Jokerd has taken a single stream break since WoW Classic was released. His first stream lasted 39 hours. He then took a seven-hour break and started streaming his current session, which has been on for 21 hours.

Nobody at Method said how they had confirmed Jokerd was sharing his account.

Blizzard’s End User License Agreement mentions that players aren’t allowed to share their login information with others, but it doesn’t specify if a third-party is allowed to play on an account if the user has already logged into it for them. Regardless, the EULA says that the owner of the account is responsible for all uses that anyone makes of it.

The only clear exception mentioned by Blizzard is in case the owner has a child who’s using the account.

If Jokerd was actually using his brother’s help and Blizzard didn’t consider it a breach of its EULA, he’ll face no consequences. At most, fellow WoW Classic runners could say his run from level one to 60 wasn’t valid because two people played on his account.

Until Blizzard issues a ban or there’s proof that Jokerd is sharing his account, he’ll likely continue to be considered the top contender to become the first player to reach level 60 in WoW Classic.

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