WoW Classic Race to World First level 60 leaderboards

Here's how close the top players are from reaching level 60.

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Nostalgia has taken over World of Warcraft players with the release of Classic. The grind never stops and now it’s the way it used to be in 2006 with players trying to reach the level cap 60 as soon as they can.

Many WoW Classic streamers are now part of a competition where the winner is the first player in the world to reach level 60 with any character in the game. This is a Race to World First, as the WoW community likes to call it. To some extent, we can say these players are trying to speedrun the WoW Classic grind. But unlike a traditional speedrun, this race will take a few days to conclude.

In less than four days, players now acknowledge Jokerd as the first player in the world to reach level 60 in WoW Classic. He was playing with a Mage in Europe and reached the level cap on Aug. 30.

Leveling is hard in Classic and players will need to farm a lot and complete many quests to reach level 60. Many of the competitors said they’ve practiced part of the grind to make sure they optimized their time and knew the best strategies to level up fast, and it seems to be working for many of them.

Pro WoW team Method are tracking levels of top WoW players live on Twitch and some of them are streaming from the team’s studio that was set up for this race. Other fans are tracking players who are streaming on Twitch, too.

At this time, it’s impossible to get an accurate global leaderboard due to how WoW Classics API works, according to Method. The names shown below are those to which we have proof.

Here are the standings for the WoW Classic Race to World First level 60. This was last updated on Aug. 31 at 12:30pm CT based on Method’s stream, their website’s updates, and player-made updates on Reddit.

World’s FirstJokerd60
Bz 60
Theowl 60
Hellspawnl 59
Uhdx 58
Uhdx 58
Tribe 58
Kennymarsh 57
Ahmpy 57
Windforce 56
Zakattack 56
Dt 54

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