Jokerd deletes his WoW Classic character—and then restores it

We just got jebaited.

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After becoming the first WoW Classic player in the world to reach level 60, Jokerd deleted his Gnome Mage while 10,000 people watched today.

The streamer deleted his character during his live broadcast today, shocking viewers who begged him not to do it.

A fan in Jokerd’s Twitch chat asked the streamer to delete his character. With quick fingers, Jokerd logged out, deleted his character, and walked away before viewers knew what hit them.

The streamer couldn’t keep the joke going too long, however. Jokerd shortly returned to restore his Gnome Mage and continue its legacy as the first WoW Classic character in the world to reach level 60.

Jokerd tried to delete his Mage after he initially hit level 60 but was prevented by fans who held his mailbox hostage. A player can’t delete their WoW character unless their mailbox is empty, which fans took full advantage of. Even though this saved Jokerd’s Mage for a bit, it clearly wasn’t safe forever.

The streamer’s achievement of being the world’s first level 60 has severely increased his popularity. Jokerd ascended Twitch’s ranks very quickly, becoming a partner on the platform and averaging around 10,000 daily concurrent viewers over the course of one week.

To watch Jokerd farm up some more on his bald Mage, tune in to his Twitch channel.