Jokerd tries to delete his level 60 WoW Classic character but gets stopped by viewers

Jokerd's fans held his inbox hostage to save his character.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch streamer Jokerd tried to delete his level 60 WoW Classic character today only to be prevented from doing so by fans.

Jokerd successfully brought his mage to level 60, becoming one of the first players in the world to reach this benchmark during his nearly 19-hour livestream.

His chat was ecstatic. In the haze of “congratulations,” Jokerd said he was going to delete the character now that he’d reached level 60. It would’ve been a bold move to end that character. Jokerd poured many hours and a lot of effort into reaching this achievement in such a short amount of time.

As Jokerd went to end this character’s legacy, a notice popped up telling him he couldn’t delete a character with mail in his inbox. Confused, he returned to the game to find a few pieces of mail. Fans in-game were sending him mail. Many others responded that they were messaging him. Jokerd opened his inbox to find new messages pouring into the mailbox. Most of these messages were short, simple ones that read “GG” or “noo.” 

The mailbox maxed out in a matter of seconds, only to crash shortly after. Jokerd couldn’t open the mailbox to delete the mail. If he could, he likely wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the flood of character-saving spam, either.

By holding his mailbox hostage, Jokerd’s fans prevented him from deleting WoW Classic’s first level 60 character. 

Resigned to this fact, Jokerd ended his stream in good humor, promising to stream the following day to earn some epic mounts.