Is nudity allowed on Kick?

Do they even have terms of service?

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The live-streaming platform Kick, built to rival Twitch, was originally brought to the attention of the online masses when streamer Trainwreck announced he would be helping it as a non-owner advisor early in Dec. 2022.

Early on, Twitch streamer Adin Ross turned heads by flirting with the idea of moving to the platform, and among the things he boasted about the platform was its general lack of rules.

“If I wanted to, we could do whatever the fuck we want,” he said. “There’s no terms of service over there.”

Additionally, Ross listed several activities that could get him banned on Twitch that he said he could do on Kick, like “watch porn,” “jerk off,” and stream live sporting events. There’s just one problem with his claims—Kick does actually have terms of service.

Whether or not users are ultimately required to follow those terms of service may well be a different story, but the terms do exist. After Kick was made known by Trainwreck, numerous people took to the platform, which is still in a beta phase, and began streaming questionable content, like pornography and live sports, that they did not have the licenses to show.

With many of those streams not getting taken down, it became apparent moderation and policing on the website were sparse, if they existed at all. This seems to have led to Ross claiming that Kick has no ToS, but that is untrue.

Kick's community guidelines for does kick allow nsfw content
Kick’s Community Guidelines

Is nudity and other NSFW content allowed on Kick?

No, nudity and NSFW content are not allowed on Kick, but hot tub streams are still allowed with additional moderation; as of April 2023, Kick’s guidelines were updated to detail some moderation on some of these standards. These guidelines specifically stated what hot tub streamers are allowed to wear and even detailed that streamers cannot perform sexual activities like twerking for subs or money.

What can you stream on Kick?

Kick streamers can stream video games, chatting and hobbyist content, music performances, individual gambling dependent on country laws, and other creative endeavors. Kick streamers can stream the same type of content YouTube and Twitch streamers can, just with a different set of guidelines.

Is gambling allowed on Kick?

Gambling is allowed, but only on an individual basis. Streamers cannot take buy-ins from viewers, but they can stream themselves, partaking in poker or slots, for instance.

How does Kick restrict content?

According to Kick guidelines, streamers must correctly utilize the 18+ tag on appropriate mature content. Some examples of mature content that deserve the 18+ tag, according to Kick, are:

  • 18+ video games
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Excessive profanity
  • Casino or gambling
  • Game nudity
  • Graphic depictions of violence
  • Religious or political advocacy and criticism

If streamers break guidelines, Kick employees can enforce the following without warning:

  • Change your content label
  • Mute accounts
  • Remove privileges
  • Add restrictions
  • Remove and hide content
  • Suspend or ban users
  • Terminate accounts
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