‘I’m gonna fold him in half’: xQc responds to Rubius’ boxing challenge

xQc shows some interest.

Screengrab via xQc

Shortly after Ibai’s influencer boxing event, La Velada Del Año II, Spanish streamer Rubius publicly challenged xQc to a fight at some point in the future. Though not officially accepting the challenge, xQc expressed being open to the possibility.

Ibai’s second annual boxing event has drawn unprecedented attention on Twitch, shattering the platform’s peak and concurrent viewership records. Featuring countless of the Spanish speaking communities’ most widely viewed content creators in and outside of the boxing ring, Rubius made a surprise appearance to call out one of Twitch’s most notable English streamers.

Before three million online viewers and a sold out Barcelona crowd, Rubius called out xQc and challenged him to a boxing match. “[xQc], I am waiting for you. Come.” Pulling up his fists at the camera, Rubius ignited the live crowd and countless Reddit and Twitter threads that followed.

Mere hours after the Spanish streamer issued his challenge, word quickly traveled to xQc. While live on stream, the French-Canadian streamer expressed an unexpected openness to the potential match up, and added half-joking comment that he would “fold [Rubius] in half like a fucking stack of papers.”

“I’ll give you guys the response you want,” xQc said, “If we both agree to the regimen of no training except for physical conditioning, I’ll fight him next year.” The streamer went on to add another condition, that the two creators would both need to put money on the line for any potential fight to happen.

XQc notoriously butted heads with the Spanish speaking community on Twitch during a recent Twitch Rivals Rust event. While xQc may have no problem calling out the Spanish streamer in-game, it is unclear if he will actually confront Rubius in the squared circle.

As inflencer boxing has proliferated across Twitch with events taking place across the platform, xQc and Rubius very well could be the next two creators to enter the scene.