XQc calls out Spanish streamers for threatening to forfeit Twitch Rivals Rust event

xQc starts an international conflict.

Popular Twitch streamer xQc took shots at the Spanish and Latin American streaming communities after content creators from those regions petitioned to forfeit from the $100,000 Twitch Rivals event.

Twitch Rival’s two-day Rust Team Battle event brought countless streamers together, pitting North American content creators against popular Spanish and LATAM streamers. Teams collect points by collecting resources, cash, and dog tags. However, issues quickly arose when several Spanish streamers criticized the event, mentioning a “lack of respect” and threatening to forfeit the event only one day in.

During an April 15 livestream, xQc did not mince words when expressing his opinion on the issue. “They could literally log in during their prime time when we are all asleep, grind for materials and loot, and prepare a plan,” xQc said. “They could literally raid our base in the last three hours and get free $100,000.”

The French-Canadian streamer condemned his opposition’s decision to repeatedly contact Twitch Rivals admins and complain publicly. “But instead they go to Twitter, cry to the admins, cry in chat, cry on stream, and make little meetings about quitting like bitches. Who the fuck raised these suckers? Absolute soy boys.”

Despite the event’s many hiccups and controversies, the event finally ended with Team North America taking the victory. Around for nearly the entire event, xQc was a key figure in both North America’s win and in the sudden international Twitch conflict with Spain. Given the sheer amount of controversy surrounding this event, it may be some time before Twitch Rivals returns to Rust.