If Pokimane had her Twitch career over again she says she’d choose to be “faceless”

The iconic streamer shares how she keeps her real and streaming life separate.

Photo via RTS

In a recent sit-down interview with Anthony Padilla for an installment of the popular series “I spent a day with,” streaming star Imane Anys—famously known as Pokimane across the internet—discussed how her streaming career blew up, the pressure for perfection, dating, and many other topics, including how she keeps her real life and streaming life separate.

It should come as no surprise being the highest paid woman in streaming presents its own challenges, and in combating those challenges, many top streamers separate their online and real-life in creative ways—Pokimane included.

During the episode, Padilla asked the Twitch star, “is there a difference between Pokimane and Imane?” In response, Anys replied, “I make the distinction between Pokimane and Imane more so as a way to mentally protect myself from certain things.”

“I keep Pokimane and Imane separate,” Anys illustrated further. “That’s served me a lot, because when people say things about Poki, I don’t take it personally—and I don’t think any creator should.”

“These people don’t know you personally, so their comments, therefore, cannot be personal. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t consider what they say or take constructive criticism. But I at least compartmentalize it.”

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It’s never a bad idea for streamers to get creative in how they navigate their online persona, because those are the sort of actions lead to necessary steps in promoting wellbeing, strong mental health, and longevity in the field. Streamers—especially top streamers—constantly put themselves in the limelight day in and day out, and that takes a toll.

Pokimane finished off on the subject: “If I could do it again, I’d be faceless.”