Ibai and FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué to host a Balloon Keep-Up World Cup in October

Balloon Keep-Up will see its biggest international stage.

Photo via Riot Games

Spanish streaming icon Ibai and soccer pro Gerard Piqué are set to host the first Balloon Keep-Up World Cup next month. The event will be held in person in Barcelona, Spain on Oct. 14. Ibai originally made the announcement on Sept. 26 and has made an open call for competitors worldwide.

The video posted today showed the first representatives accepting their invitation to the prestigious competition. Antonio, Diego, and Isbel Arrendondo will compete on behalf of the U.S. They’re the founders of the Keep-Up Balloon League, a U.S.-based league dedicated to the sport. Earlier this year, one of their competitions posted on TikTok broke over six million views, sparking a growing interest in the league.

Balloon Keep-Up is a sport where up to three teammates work to keep a balloon in the air for as long as possible. Once the balloon touches the floor, the team’s attempt is over. The team with the longest air time is declared the winner.

Ibai has confirmed that he’ll be heading up the project. The 28-year-old is one of the premier streamers for Spanish-speaking audiences and one of the largest creators on Twitch in general. Ibai heralds over eight million followers on Twitch and is well-known for his IRL and variety streams, covering League of Legends, Minecraft, Among Us, and more. 

This isn’t Ibai’s first project with a major soccer star, either. Earlier this year, Ibai announced Lionel Messi’s historic move from FC Barcelona to PSG. The Spanish streamer has also already worked with Piqué. The two acquired AstralisSB’s spot in the Superliga, a Spanish ERL in League, earlier this month.

Piqué will co-host the event alongside Ibai. Piqué is a legendary center-back for FC Barcelona. He signed with the team in 2008 and has since won three Champions League titles with the organization. Piqué will be making the transition from soccer to Balloon Keep-Up for his next World Cup.