How Mixer subscriptions and Mixer Pro work

Here's another way to spend money on Mixer.

mixer ninja
Image via Microsoft

Microsoft’s livestreaming platform Mixer has grown in popularity since it signed an exclusive deal with star Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He no longer uses his Twitch channel and is instead streaming every day on Mixer.

His recent successes—hitting one million subscribers and quickly becoming the most-followed channel on Mixer—is a result of new users wanting to explore the platform because of him. Many of the features between Twitch and Mixer are similar, but there are some differences.

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Unlike Twitch, Mixer has only one tier of user subscription to a creator’s channel, which costs $5.99. All of them work the same way across all channels and give viewers a few benefits.

As usual, subscribing to a streamer is a way of supporting them directly, since part of that money goes to the creator. You can also watch that channel with no ads and use site-wide exclusive custom emotes that the creator provides to subscribers. As an exclusive feature of Mixer, subscribers also gain double the XP and five times as many sparks when watching that streamer, which allows these subs to use unique skills in the chat that include stickers and special effects visible to all current viewers.

Fans who want to help their favorite streamer with more than $5.99 must make a donation.

Mixer also has a site subscription called Mixer Pro that gives site-wide benefits, but that money goes to the platform only. There’s no free subscription to streamers included in the package, so it’s a bit different from Twitch Prime in this regard. Other than that, Pro users still get twice the XP and watch all channels with no ads.

If you’re considering using Mixer a lot more now that Ninja is there, this is what you can do to enhance your experience on the website through subscriptions. Until Sept. 30, all users can claim a free one-month subscription to Ninja’s channel.