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What is Ninja’s streaming schedule on Mixer?

He's live every day.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is now the face of another streaming platform. He left Twitch to sign with Mixer last week and he made his debut stream at Lollapalooza last weekend with an audience that surpassed 85,000 concurrent viewers at a certain point.

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Ninja is now ready to begin his usual streaming schedule on Mixer. He’ll stream every day from 9:30am to 6pm CT, according to his channel description. He says that times are subject to change, but that’s when the majority of his livestreams should start and end on Mixer.

Fans who create a new account on Mixer can subscribe to Ninja for free for a month until Sept. 20. That’s when they’ll have to start paying to continue being subscribed to Ninja.

Ninja started streaming on Mixer on Aug. 2 after he closed a deal with the platform. Since then, his channel on Twitch, where he used to stream, has been repurposed to let his fans know that he’s moved to another platform. Twitch is now suggesting that viewers watch someone else’s Fortnite stream on the platform instead of redirecting them to Ninja’s Mixer channel. Since Twitch and Mixer belong to different companies, that’s expected.

Ninja’s streaming schedule usually changes when he’s traveling for any reason. Sometimes he goes to Fortnite and gaming events or he’ll just let his fans know on Twitter about the changes.

His current Mixer schedule is very similar to his previous Twitch schedule, but sometimes he streams a bit beyond 6pm CT, especially when he’s playing with other fellow Fortnite streamers.

Mixer lets creators put an age rating on their streams, and Ninja’s Lollapalooza stream was rated 16. He might change that for other usual broadcasts since he has younger viewers as well, and he has yet to announce how his “after dark” streams with more swear words and less contained behavior will roll on the new platform.

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