Fans share concern for FaZe Rain following recent Instagram stream

"Once I get my apartment and I'm clean, you will see one of the hardest working people on Earth."

Screengrab via Rain

A recent livestream has fans worried about the health and well-being of popular YouTuber and FaZe Clan co-owner, Rain.

Rain streamed himself on Instagram last night, showing off weed, a pile of pills, as well as a mixed drink he said was lean, a highly-addictive concoction of codeine cough syrup, soda, and hard candy.

While the full stream has since been deleted, clips found on Twitter show him at one point downing several pills at the same time, followed by him taking a drink of the mixture.

In the clips, Rain is visibly intoxicated from the intake of drugs and fans can be seen messaging their concerns for the 24-year-old gamer. Rain said the recent outbursts are “pent up anger that’s turned me crazy.”

The stream ended with fellow FaZe members Nikan and Teeqo reasoning with Rain to stop what he’s doing. Nikan and Teeqo expressed their worry for Rain, who said “I don’t care” before the stream ended. Rain began trending on Twitter following the stream, with fans sending their thoughts and prayers as well as trying to share messages of the positivity that Rain has brought them over the years.

Rain followed the stream by posting on Twitter that he’s done with drugs and will work to get clean, along with several other tweets about trying to turn his life around. 

Rain also posted an image tagging a number of FaZe Clan members on his Instagram story, saying “I love you” and “they’re saving my life” right now.

Screengrab via FaZe Rain

This follows a number of recent outbursts and posts on social media for the FaZe co-owner. In early June, Rain posted on Twitter that he was kicked from the FaZe house and said the organization treated him “unfairly.” Rain was also kicked out of the house in May after he posted a since-deleted video about issues involving the organization, which also highlighted his struggles with a mental illness. Rain was asked by FaZe members to attend a treatment facility for an alleged addiction issue. In December 2018, Rain checked himself into a hospital after experiencing suicidal thoughts. 

Update July 1 7:14pm CT: FaZe Clan tweeted it is asking for “privacy and compassion while we try to help Nordan through a difficult time.” It said it does not condone his behavior nor drug use.