Everything you need to know about DrLupo

His stats, career, and adorable son all in one place.

Screengrab via DrLupo

While some streamers rise to the top due to their immense talents, pure skills can only get you so far. Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo was what you could consider an ordinary gamer with a day job who was in love with gaming and couldn’t help but think about what he’d play when he got home, just like every other gamer.

On top of being moderately gifted in every game he touches, his entertaining, caring, and easy-to-talk-to personality allowed him to gain the respect of millions of viewers. 

How did DrLupo get famous? When did he start streaming?

Lupo worked as a systems engineer for a local insurance firm in Omaha, Nebraska before he became an international gaming celebrity. “A year and some change ago I was in the basement of a 13th-floor building coding in javascript,“ Lupo told Red Bull in a June 2018 interview.

Lupo was an active Diablo 3 player. Progressing in levels was one of the most important aspects of Diablo since it was the key to unlocking better gear. Despite being fully committed to his work, Lupo also didn’t want to slow down his progression while being at work. He decided to livestream his home computer via Twitch to keep an eye on his grind from the office in 2013.

Alongside allowing him to notify his wife in case anything happened to his character or a legendary item were to drop, this also kickstarted DrLupo’s streaming career, even though he had no idea at the time.

After his time in Diablo, DrLupo jumped over to Destiny, becoming a feared combatant in the game’s PvP mode. Lupo streamed Destiny for several years until making the switch to a variety of other games, like Overwatch. After dabbling around games and eventually getting partnered on Twitch in 2016, Lupo settled on PUBG.

Lupo was still maintaining his engineering job alongside his growing Twitch career until his wife, who’s known as MrsDrLupo by fans, motivated him to become a full-time streamer around his 30th birthday in 2017. He took the plunge and seems to have not looked back since.

Though he had a small group of followers who tagged along during his journey, DrLupo really rose to fame with the release of Fortnite in 2017. He’s one of the crucial members of the streaming group consisting of TimTheTatman and Ninja, which played an important role in DrLupo getting his name out there.

Other popular streamers, such as CouRage and Dizzy, make regular appearances on Lupo’s broadcasts as well.

His rise in popularity also drew the attention of potential sponsors. Lupo’s sponsors include endemic brands (operations based in or involved in gaming) like Secret Lab, Intel, NZXT, and Gillette Gaming Alliance. His non-endemic sponsors include Kings Coast Coffee and State Farm insurance. Lupo also sells his own merch via Design by Hümans.

How did DrLupo meet Ninja?

Interestingly, Ninja and Lupo met during a round of PUBG thanks to a bit of serendipity. In short, while playing solos, both streamers wound up in the same match. They crossed paths and exchanged shots, but it was a perfectly thrown grenade by Lupo that ended Ninja’s hopes of a victory. After that, Ninja added Lupo as a friend and the two played more rounds of PUBG that night.

How many followers does DrLupo have?

At time of writing, Lupo boasts more than four million followers and 15,000 subscribers on Twitch. His social media stats are equally as impressive, with 4.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.6 million on Twitter. His Facebook page has over 30,000 likes and his popular YouTube channel sits at 1.66 million subscribers.

What games does DrLupo play?

Though he’s a huge RPG fan, DrLupo mostly streams battle royale games. On top of trying out any new BR game, he mostly plays Fortnite, Escape from Tarkov, PUBG, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He can occasionally throw in a World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons stream to spice things up, too.

Where did DrLupo get his name?

Though he has the looks of a doctor, the “Dr” tag in Lupo’s name is actually a running joke among his college friends. His late father was a psychology professor at the university he attended. Lupo had friends who were taking his father’s class and they thought it would be funny for him to change his name so they could imagine being owned by their professor in Halo.

The name also means a lot to Lupo. In his interview with Red Bull, “I believe that people die twice, once with their body and once when their name is no longer mentioned,” Lupo said. He sees the name DrLupo as a tribute to his father and is proud to hear it every day to remind himself how big of an impact he had on his life.

Where is DrLupo from?

DrLupo was born in Omaha, Nebraska on March 20, 1987. The 33-year-old is an Omaha native. He attended the Omaha North Magnet High School and Creighton College, afterward, to get his degree in engineering. He still lives in Omaha as of 2020.

Is DrLupo married?

Screengrab via DrLupo

DrLupo is happily married to his wife Samantha, who’s often referred to as MrsLupo on stream. The two met one night when Lupo was on his way to watch a movie at his friend’s house and he saw his now wife having trouble with her car.

DrLupo and MrsLupo also have a son named Charlie, who was born in 2015. Charlie is probably Lupo’s most popular guest on stream. The popular toddler only occasionally appears on stream, but whenever he’s on camera, he steals the show.

When does DrLupo stream?

Though he doesn’t have a standard for how long he streams, DrLupo streams every day except Wednesdays. His morning streams start around 9am CT while his evening streams kick off around 8pm CT. He also only goes live around 8pm CT on Sundays.