DrLupo raises $892,195 for St. Jude, has raised over $10 million in total

DrLupo raised $10,573,948 for St. Jude in the last five years.

Screengrab via DrLupo/Rogue

Popular streamer and YouTube content creator DrLupo raised $892,195 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital after a 24-hour charity stream that started yesterday. Counting the results of his latest broadcast, DrLupo has raised over $10 million for the charity in the past five years.

DrLupo spearheaded the Build Against Cancer 2021 campaign, an effort to raise money for cancer treatment and research for the well-known children’s hospital. Playing games such as Minecraft, Uno, and more, DrLupo entertained an audience of thousands for 24 straight hours.

The popular YouTube streamer was frequently joined by fellow content creators such as AnneMunition, Zaydewolf, and Cheesekit. Throughout the course of the charity stream, DrLupo saw significant donations from notable content creators such as Jacksepticeye, who donated $10,000.

With a goal of $4,000 for the first four hours of the stream, DrLupo ended his marathon stream at well over $800,000. The American streamer has been a frequent ally to the St. Jude charity, raising a combined $10,573,948 for the organization in five years of charity streams.

Countless streamers congratulated DrLupo on the monumental achievement. Frequent Warzone teammates DrDisrespect, CouRage, CohhCarnage, and countless praised the streamer after he crossed the finish line. St. Jude also boasted the success of the BAC2021 stream and DrLupo’s incredible fundraising efforts.

On Twitter, St. Jude thanked DrLupo and all donators. “We are overwhelmed by the support you showed during the Build Against Cancer stream the last 24 hours,” the official account tweeted. “Your support means St. Jude helps more kids around the globe. Thank you!”