Esfand latest streamer to fall asleep while streaming WoW Classic

Another one bites the dust.

Screengrab via
Screengrab via

Since WoW Classic’s launch, streamers have been racing to hit level 60 with their characters. The grind is so intense that players are willing to sacrifice anything—and, in most cases, sleep.

WoW streamer Esfand, who’s a part of professional esports organization Method, is the latest player to fall asleep while streaming. Method caught the streamer snoozing during the organization’s stream yesterday.

Esfand was in the middle of leveling his Human Paladin when his character started running into a wall. Upon closer look, the amused casters realized that Esfand fell asleep at the mouse and keyboard, seemingly “lagging IRL.”

“I think he’s only had two or three hours of sleep in the last 48,” one caster said. “I think since Classic launched, I think in total he’s only had five hours of sleep.”

Esfand isn’t the only person who got a visit from the sleep fairy during a stream. While waiting for one of his friends to reconnect to WoW’s servers, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris set his character to “Follow mode” and took a nap with 40,000 viewers watching.

Method is documenting its streamers while they participate in the Classic Race to World First.

“The fully interactive 24-hour coverage on and will feature a mix of world-class speed levelers and content experts from the Classic WoW community, as well as some of the top WoW streamers on Twitch racing to achieve notable ‘firsts’ in Classic WoW,” Method’s website reads.

If Esfand’s experience proves anything, it’s that the fierce WoW Classic grind leaves little room for nap time.