Sodapoppin takes a nap while streaming WoW Classic

And over 40,000 viewers stayed to watch.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin on YouTube

Popular Twitch stream Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris has been streaming continuously since WoW Classic launched, leaving little room to sleep.

He finally caught some z’s earlier today—on stream, of course. During a run-through of the Scarlet Monastery, Sodapoppin announced it was nap time while waiting for one of his friends to reconnect to WoW’s servers.

In the video, Sodapoppin and his party defeat Bloodmage Thalnos. The streamer then goes on “Follow mode,” which sets your character to trail behind another player, and sets up a makeshift bed on the floor.

“I’m taking a nap,” the streamer told his party. “Let me know when he’s back.”

Shortly after lying down, Sodapoppin’s Tauren Druid died when his party wiped against a wave of enemies while over 40,000 viewers watched. The streamer returned 30 minutes later after one of his friends woke him up with a bell.

“You can’t sleep,” his friend said. “If you sleep, it ruins everything. You’ll never catch up.”

Sodapoppin recorded over 40 hours of stream time since WoW Classic launched on Monday, and has been live for over eight hours today.

Sodapoppin isn’t the only streamer to sleep while live. Zach “Asmongold” left his stream on when he was in a queue line that totaled over 15,000 people.

“As soon as the servers come back up, so do I,” the streamer said.

The race to level 60 is intense, and clearly it’s enough to lose sleep over it.