DrLupo makes it clear he’s not getting paid for his sponsored stream for St. Jude charity

Don't worry, all the money is going to St. Jude.

Screengrab via DrLupo

DrLupo opened up his sponsored stream this afternoon with a loud and clear message to his viewers. Despite “#ad” being in his broadcast’s title, Lupo said he’s not getting paid to raise money for St. Jude today.

Lupo is working with State Farm to raise money for his charity of choice, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Twitch has put him on the front page of the website.

While he’s required to put “#ad” in the title of his stream for legal reasons, he adamantly told viewers he isn’t being paid any money for the stream. He said the reason that “#ad” needed to be put into the title was because of money that’s exchanging hands between State Farm and St. Jude as a part of the stream’s charity efforts.

“I know that there’s been stuff in the past regarding streamers being offered money from the charities to do charity streams,” he said. “That is not the case. I’ve never taken money from St. Jude. The reason it’s #ad is because FDC requires you to let people know if there’s a change of hands, money involved, that kind of thing.”

Lupo’s attempt to nip the “#ad” issue in the bud comes just a few weeks after popular Twitch streamer xQc made a claim on his stream that content creators regularly get paid to do charity streams

While Lupo was quick to respond to xQc’s claims at the time by strongly saying he personally doesn’t take money to stream for charities, the presence of an “#ad” in his title today could have resulted in someone mistakenly thinking that Lupo was getting paid.