DrLupo announces all Twitch donations will go to St. Jude moving forward

DrLupo continues to use his platform to help others.

DrLupo is a streamer that does everything big, including his plans for charitable giving, which he has been a huge proponent of in nearly every aspect of his content creation career with events like Build Against Cancer. 

Earlier today, he announced that all of his Twitch donations will all be going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, starting on Nov. 20. 

This will be part of a bigger announcement during tomorrow, but Lupo wanted to give his supporters the news a little early. Tips will still be accepted in all sizes on the channel, but they will all be directly transferred to St. Jude rather than going to Lupo himself. 

“The best thing I can do with this channel is help impact people in a positive way,” DrLupo said. “You’ll still be able to tip, I will still read the messages, it will be just like normal. But instead of the money going to me, it’s gonna go to St. Jude. And that’s forever, until I quit streaming.”

He goes on to clarify that bits, subscriptions, and other methods of supporting the channel will still go toward the channel, but he wants to give back in a meaningful way since his supporters have helped him reach a good spot financially. He also asks that no one compare this move to anyone else’s decisions, stating that it “is not a contest” and his only goal is to help people.  

There won’t be a tip tracker active on Lupo’s streams to measure how much is being sent to St. Jude publicly, but to keep things somewhat transparent, Lupo notes that, taking into account the average amount he earned from the last few years, it should be between $150,000 to $200,000 per year. And all donations will be tax-deductible since they are going directly to charity. 

He also plans on expanding this into a reward system for donators by reaching out to his sponsors, like Intel, Logitech, and others to help him run monthly giveaways for people who continue to support St. Jude. 

Lupo also says that St. Jude will be his main focus, but if he decides to switch things up occasionally and support a different charity for a month or something along those lines, his supporters will know about that before it happens.

During last year’s Build Against Cancer charity livestream, Lupo helped raise $2.3 million for St. Jude, along with an additional $70,000 in July. More details about this new push for charity will be shared tomorrow on DrLupo’s Twitch channel.