Dr Disrespect claims another “billion” milestone after reaching one million Twitter followers

Apparently 13 percent of the world's population follows The Doc on Twitter.

Screengrab via Dr DisRespect

Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm has reached yet another “billion” achievement, this time after his Twitter account surpassed one million followers.

One of the most-watched streamers on Twitch, The Doc achieved one million YouTube subscribers earlier this week. He commemorated the moment by claiming he had actually hit one billion subscribers and that a solid-gold plaque was on its way in reward.

“We just hit 1 billion followers on Twitter,” Dr Disrespect tweeted today. “They also sent us a trophy already… it’s made of tanzanite, blue diamond and gold.” This mirrors his post about his YouTube subscribers achievement.

Other creators and brands chimed in to congratulate the streamer.

“Jesus, Doc,” Jack “CouRage” Dunlop said. “One billion on Twitter and YouTube in the same week? Incredible.”

Razer’s official company Twitter, on the other hand, welcomed Dr Disrespect “to The 3 Comma Club.”

It’s unclear what the crossover is between Doc’s “billion” Twitter followers and “billion” YouTube subscribers, but it seems partially unlikely that 25 percent of the global population is following Disrespect in some way. That doesn’t even include the 3.4 million (Doc would likely claim “billion”) following him on Twitch.

Even though he would never fess up to exaggerating just a tad, reaching these two milestones in the same week is an incredible achievement.