Disguised Toast calls out xQc for gambling at Twitch Rivals Rust event

The star dislikes xQc's gambling practices.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast on Twitch

During the latest Twitch Rivals competition—this time a four-team battle in Rust—Disguised Toast called out xQc while being interviewed, claiming the Twitch star has wasted a little too much of his scrap gambling.

Disguised Toast’s Twitch Rivals Rust event has finally returned, this time, however, it consists of four squads: Team xQc, Team Disguised Toast, Team Dhalucard, and Team Grefg as opposed to the previous event’s two. The competition’s gone on without a hitch and has been a blast for fans, but the event’s organizer, Disguised Toast, seems to have taken an issue with another team captain.

During an interview section of the event’s broadcast today, Disguised Toast shared his thoughts on xQc, believing the Twitch star has spent a little too much time gambling and not enough time helping his team secure victory.

“X, I know you’re down like 30,000 but I really think you can hit it big if you just go ahead and grab all your team’s scrap and try and make it back,” Disguised Toast said. “I think that would definitely work out.”

Although seemingly sarcastic at first, Disguised Toast appeared to get more serious toward the end of his statement, calling out xQc for his stance on gambling.

“Unless, you know, you aren’t actually good at gambling and you actually admit that gambling loses you money over the long term,” he said.

Disguised Toast’s statement also comes just one day after xQc failed to show up to fellow Twitch streamer Myth’s Black Ops 2 showmatch, which he was supposed to attend, instead choosing to play slots on stream.

Despite the small hiccup, Disguised Toast’s Twitch Rivals Rust event has had far less drama than his previous Rust competition, and fans seem to be enjoying the event so far.