Destiny 2’s new Twitch promotion helps Gladd reach 18,000-plus sub train

He's done it again.

Screengrab via

A new Twitch promotion for Destiny 2 streamers and players has helped create what’s possibly the longest sub train ever seen on the platform.

Sean “Gladd” Gallagher is no stranger to huge sub trains because just this year, he was the recipient of a big one during one of Destiny 2’s most difficult puzzles and quests. But this new sub train has brought things to a whole new level.

Screengrab via Gladd

As of this morning, Gladd had been streaming for around 21 hours, since just before yesterday’s weekly reset in Destiny 2. At time of writing, his sub train was pushing 19,000.

The new Twitch promotion with Destiny 2 is simple. Viewers who link their accounts and gift two subs in the chat of someone who’s playing the game will unlock an in-game emblem, shader, and more.

Gladd’s stream is plastered with information about the promotion, making sure no one who joins the channel will miss out on what’s being offered. It’s a bit much, but it works, so it’s hard to fault him.

Sub trains, which aren’t tracked in any official capacity by Twitch, are kept alive by someone subscribing within five minutes of the last subscription. So, for at least 20 hours, Gladd has been getting at least one sub every five minutes.

Update: July 1, 10:25am CT: Gladd has decided to continue his stream after the sub train surpassed 20,100.