Dafran unbanned from Twitch after 7-day ban

The former Overwatch player is back.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch player Dafran is back on Twitch after a seven-day ban.

Dafran received a one-week ban fron Twitch after a confusing and toxic series of events during a Solary Cup for VALORANT earlier this month. Dafran’s team was allegedly late to the Solary Cup and was issued a one map disadvantage as a result. Dafran was frustrated by the situation and responded to former Overwatch pro HyP in a less-than-friendly way when HyP asked him to contact his teammates.

Dafran was banned for life from all future Solary tournaments because of his response, which caused him to criticize the tournament organizers publicly on Twitter. Dafran later encountered HyP and his team in a ranked match where both parties went back and forth and likely violated Twitch’s Community Guidelines.

Dafran knew there was a chance that he’d be banned for his behavior, but the streamer had no regrets about his choice of words or decisions. He was eventually hit with a seven-day ban that he took in stride and only acknowledged in a short tweet.

This isn’t the first time Dafran has been banned from Twitch. He received a 30-day ban in November following a profanity-laden rant aimed at his teammates in Overwatch. Dafran successfully appealed the ban and was only banned for a week instead of a month. He didn’t seem to learn his lesson, however, considering the recent events.

Dafran is now allowed to stream on Twitch again and will likely continue to share his opinions without worrying about the consequences.