Dafran receives 7-day Twitch ban

The suspension is likely tied to his conflict with HyP following the Solary Cup.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch pro dafran was issued a seven-day suspension from Twitch today.

The ban is likely tied to a dispute that manifested last week during a Solary Cup for VALORANT. The tension built up over the weekend and seemingly erupted during a ranked match, which may have led to dafran’s suspension.

After a confusing scheduling issue, dafran and his team were allegedly late to the Solary Cup and issued a one map disadvantage. This resulted in some choice words toward French former Overwatch pro HyP, which eventually got dafran “banned for life” from all future Solary tournaments.

Dafran didn’t take the ban lightly, heavily criticizing the tournament organizers, HyP, and his team of “washed up OW players” who he felt were “too scared” to play against him.

As fate would have it, dafran encountered HyP and his squad in a ranked match. The Danish streamer documented the whole game on stream and posted a video of his victory on YouTube.

There was likely some back and forth between both parties that went against Twitch’s Community Guidelines. After the game, dafran claimed there was a “big chance” he was going to be banned on Twitch. But the streamer said he had “no fucking regrets” about his behavior.

Dafran’s fans can catch the streamer back on his Twitch channel in a week.