CouRage leaves Twitch to stream on YouTube

"The Next Chapter."

100T CouRage
Screengrab via 100 Thieves YouTube

It seems Mixer isn’t the only streaming service with its sights set on Twitch.

Former Call of Duty caster Jack “CouRage” Dunlop will be exclusively streaming on YouTube moving forward, the content creator announced today. The broadcaster’s debut stream will take place tomorrow, Nov. 5.

“This is truly just the best decision for me and the Courageous,” CouRage said.

The 100 Thieves streamer teased the big move with a few seemingly nonsensical short videos on Twitter in which fans could only extrapolate a date for the announcement. The announcement strung the videos together, however, with CouRage claiming that this move will open up possibilities for him to grow as an entertainer.

Twitch already lost Fortnite star Ninja and former CS:GO pro shroud to Mixer, who combined make up over 21 million followers on Amazon’s streaming service. Although CouRage’s fan base hasn’t amassed those numbers, the streamer boasts a respectable 2.1 million Twitch followers and 1.85 million YouTube subscribers. His departure from Twitch will likely leave another hole in viewership, as well as set the precedent that YouTube is one of many streaming services that can offer big broadcasters a better deal.

CouRage may not be the only broadcaster leaving Twitch this week, either. Fellow streamer TimTheTatman dropped several ambiguous hints during his broadcast today, claiming that he’ll “mix it up” this weekend.

With three popular broadcasters gone from Twitch, and more potentially on the horizon, competitors are proving that no one is safe.