‘Ban f****** gambling, for the love of god’: Mizkif fed up with Twitch following Sliker controversy

The streamer has had enough of seeing problems connected to gambling.

Screengrab via Mizkif on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif called on Twitch to remove and prohibit gambling content on the platform in the wake of Sliker’s recent news, stating that are likely countless cases like this on the website.

On Sept. 17, several Twitch users outed Sliker for allegedly borrowing thousands of dollars from viewers without paying them back within his given time-frame. As the story rapidly developed, other prominent streamers, such as Mizkif, the Botez sisters, Lacari, Knut, and more all admitted to also lending money to Sliker. Initially stating that he needed money because he was locked out his bank account, the Twitch streamer eventually admitted that the money was used to pay off gambling debts and his self-reported addiction.

Reacting to Sliker’s admission of guilt, Mizkif called on Twitch to remove gambling as an avenue for streaming content on the website. The streamer stated that he had previously met with Twitch representatives regarding the issue, but remained frustrated that nothing on the matter had been done.

“Twitch: ban fucking gambling for the love of god,” Mizkif pleaded. “I don’t know where Sliker started gambling from, but for the love of fucking god could you just ban it already? Like why is this happening on this platform?”

Mizkif went on to elaborate that approximately four months ago, he met with Twitch regarding the issue of gambling on the platform. While he did not disclose any details about the meeting, the streamer continued to vent that little has been done about the issue.

“Why did I call Twitch four months ago when they wanted to have a meeting about this and you guys haven’t done shit?” Mizkif said. “Hundreds of people are probably just like Sliker, except they have no platform.”

Though admittedly tempted to take a significant sponsored gambling deal, Mizkif has since become an active opponent of gambling content on stream. Most recently, the streamer clashed with popular streamer xQc over the issue, and now has publicly called out Twitch to finally resolve the issue on the platform itself.