Asmongold shows xQc his horse collection on the OTV Rust server

That's a lot of mounts.

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The Offline TV Rust server has allowed some of the biggest streamers who don’t usually cross paths to engage and play with each other. This has led to a few exciting and entertaining situations, such as Asmongold showing off his mount collection to xQc. 

Horses are a valuable resource in Rust since they allow players to travel around the map quickly. Many players on the OTV server have commented on the lack of horses around the map, but many didn’t realize this was caused by Asmon stockpiling mounts in his base.

Asmon recently showed xQc his collection of mounts, which surprised the former Overwatch pro. 

“Dude, no shit they’re not spawning anywhere,” xQc said. “They’re all stuck here.”

Asmon managed to collect and store 12 horses in his base, which prevents them from despawning. He’s essentially monopolized the horses on the OTV server and he can use this to his advantage in the future. 

Many players on the OTV server are focused on roleplaying, which means Asmon could fill the role of a horse vendor. But the current OTV server will be focused on raiding and PvP. A new server for role-playing will go live on Jan. 5. 

The new server is in response to the drama surrounding the current OTV server, which has caused some streamers to stop playing. The two servers will allow hardcore and casual players to play in peace and should resolve all of the issues. 

Asmon’s collection of horses is impressive and other streamers will likely try to bargain for one of his mounts.