Asmongold promises he’ll never ‘sell out’ with Twitch gambling streams

Gambling streams are dividing Twitch streamers.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Popular streamer Asmongold has promised he won’t “sell out and damage [his] reputation” by accepting gambling partnerships on Twitch.

In a recent stream where he reacted to Mogul Mail’s denunciation of the gambling trend on the platform, he said gambling partnerships on Twitch were dangerous, especially for younger people, by “indoctrinating” them and “normalizing” the practice.

But Asmongold also stated that there’s no point in blaming streamers for accepting gambling sponsorships because “people will always choose personal gain over morality” and Twitch has the responsibility of authorizing that kind of content on its platform.

In the stream, he balanced that statement by adding while it would be a good start to ban gambling content, it would not be enough to entirely curb that practice and there would still be “loopholes” to abuse.

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Casinos and gambling websites have been sponsoring streamers on Twitch for years now, and the trend is continuing to rise. It often stirs controversy, which led to the platform banning gambling-related links last year. But some content creators are asking for it to be fully banned.

Another popular streamer, xQc, sparked controversy again last week when he faced backlash by stating that he changed his mind about gambling streams and was open to accepting offers again. He previously said he was addicted to gambling.

Many of Twitch’s biggest streamers are affirming their stance on gambling, and Asmongold has already said he thinks Twitch should ban the practice entirely.