Are server and character transfers possible in WoW Classic?

Some players already want to leave their crowded servers.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft: Classic players are loving the game, but they hate waiting in long queues to play. Despite Blizzard’s attempts to reduce queues by releasing multiple new servers since launch and increasing the capacity of existing ones, players in some realms still face hour-long queues to play.

That’s making some players wish they could transfer characters from these crowded realms to those with low populations. In WoW, including Classic, your character is restricted to the server—also called a realm—where they were created, so it’s impossible to simply join another server and continue playing with that same character. You have a different roster of characters for every realm you join.

For WoW Classic, Blizzard has announced a short period when players will be able to move from highly-populated realms to others with low populations for free. The company said on Sept. 4 that the feature will be available soon and revealed the full list of realms included in this limited-time offer.

In the current retail version of WoW, you must buy a character transfer for $25 if you want to move one of them to another realm while keeping everything you’ve already done.

But for now, doing so is impossible in WoW Classic. Blizzard’s Character Transfer shop page clearly says that this product isn’t available for Classic, which means players’ characters are locked to the realm they’re in at the moment.

Blizzard has yet to comment on that issue or say when it intends to bring paid character transfers to WoW Classic. At the moment, it might restrict it to avoid overpopulating servers that already have lots of players in them. Players who have created characters in those low-population servers would probably want to move to a more busy server as soon as they could to have more top-tier players to interact with.

If paid character transfers are ever introduced to WoW Classic, Blizzard will make a huge deal out of it. Players can expect them to work the same way they do in retail WoW. But for now, keep playing where you are or try creating a new character from scratch on another server.