WoW Classic players will get free character transfers to realms with low populations

Blizzard has already revealed the list of servers.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Classic players who want to move to other servers will soon be able to, according to Blizzard’s community manager Kaivax.

Kaivax wrote a post on the WoW Classic forums yesterday confirming that the company will give away a free character transfer to some players. The goal is to allow players to move from highly-populated realms to others with fewer players, leading to a reduced wait time in all realms due to a better distribution of players in all of them.

Kaivax wrote that not all players will get that free transfer, though. Blizzard has listed all realms from which players can leave and the only servers where they can move to, which means players in every other server are still restricted to their current realm.

Eight existing servers are included in the European list, while 12 are in the North-American list. Blizzard is creating two new servers in each of these regions to host players who wish to move out from certain realms.


North America

Players who want to move must make sure they aren’t guild leaders, that their character doesn’t have an active auction listing or bid, and that they don’t have mail to be opened. After all these requirements are met, the option to switch servers will be available in the character selection screen.

Blizzard is recommending players to move as soon as possible if they want to maintain their character names. New realms will be open exclusively for players who want to transfer their characters for the first day, but then everyone else will be able to create new characters in them. According to Kaivax, moving your character is irreversible.

Blizzard is being fast with the listing of the character transfer, which could mean players will see it enabled this week. The company has yet to reveal how long the feature will be available and if Classic players will be included in the paid transfer service in the future, which costs $25.