Amouranth unbanned from Twitch after 1 day

The ban lasted about 27 hours.

Screengrab via
Screengrab via

Twitch streamer Amouranth has been freed from her channel ban after about 27 hours, StreamerBans revealed today.

At approximately 3pm CT yesterday, Twitch hit Amouranth with a ban, although the streamer nor Twitch said why. In a supposed message on her Discord server, Amouranth said she was banned for an incident during her gym stream and that once she was told what the specific infraction was, she would appeal.

StreamerBans tweeted at 6:05pm CT today that Amouranth had been unbanned. She has yet to tweet or stream since her channel was unlocked.

Amouranth was banned in September 2019 for “accidental nudity,” which violates Twitch’s Terms of Service. Twitch levied a three-day ban after she accidentally exposed herself during an IRL stream. She was also banned in May 2018 for streaming from inside a gym without getting permission from the staff.