Amouranth wants her own Fortnite skin—but not everyone’s so sure

Could an Amouranth Fortnite skin be in the works?

Screengrab via amouranth on Twitch

Fortnite players have been making a push on social media for Twitch streamer Amouranth to receive her own Icon skin in Fortnite, to which the popular content creator is in agreeance.

Amouranth is one of the top female streamers on the Twitch platform, where she has accrued 5.8 million followers on Twitch. She has also accrued a sizeable 2.8 million followers on Twitter as well as Onlyfans, where she is the No. 1 content creator on the platform. Now, she, along with her fans, is making a push o receive her very own Icon skin.

Twitch streamer actingliketommy first tweeted the idea of an Amouranth Icon Skin on Sept. 18, where he revealed his own interest in seeing Amouranth possibly brought to life in Fortnite.

Shortly after this was tweeted, Amouranth responded to the tweet, where she quote tweeted an emoji with her fingers crossed. The initial tweet sent out by actingliketommy sparked mixed opinions from the community, where some were in agreeance and others were in disagreement with the possibility of an Amouranth Icon skin.

In the series of posts, actingliketommy revealed the thought process behind why he felt Amouranth would make a great addition as a skin in the game, noting similarities to another skin in the game while also highlighting his view on the community “judgement” of women.

“I saw this fake emote thing w/ a character in a bathing suit and I thought, this would be perfect for her,” actingliketommy revealed in response to a Twitter User. “Oddly, I’m discovering some of the community has a hideous (wong) judgement of certain types of women. Feels like we’re still in the 1950s around here.”

But not everyone agrees with actingliketommy or thinks an Amouranth skin would be appropriate at all. “Surely this is satire,” FitzyBF said. “We really don’t,” puazlol added. “Never too late to delete this,” merk potions bnth said.

The Icon skin series is a Fortnite skin line that honors some of the top creators in pop culture. From popular gaming content creators like Ninja to mega popstars and basketball legends like Ariana Grande and LeBron James, the Icon skin series has been used as a way to commemorate some of the most influential people in their respective fields.

For now, the Amouranth Icon skin is just an idea thrown into the universe waiting to be picked up, though it would be interesting to see if this request eventually comes to fruition in the future. In the meantime, fans of Amouranth can continue to support the content creator by tuning in to her regular streams.