Amouranth is already teasing more big Twitch events after huge StreamerRoyale success

The star wants to produce more quality events.

Screengrab via Amouranth on Twitter

Following the huge success of StreamerRoyale, Amouranth has teased that she’ll be hosting more Twitch events in the near future after having a “blast” as the event’s lead producer.

On May 28, 20 of Twitch’s top content creators participated in Amouranth’s StreamerRoyale event, competing in numerous activities, including kneeboarding and an obstacle course race. The broadcast had a production value rarely seen on Twitch, which is undoubtedly part of why Amouranth’s event was such a success.

The stream, which ran for a little over five hours on Amouranth’s Twitch account, reached considerably more viewers than her average with a peak viewer count of over 30,000, according to TwitchTracker. Additionally, the VOD of the broadcast has reached nearly one million views, further cementing StreamerRoyale as one of Twitch’s top events.

One of the multiple participants at the event, popular streamer CodeMiko, has since said she had an “absolute blast,” and she’s not alone. Aside from the statistical success of StreamerRoyale, many fans and streamers alike have praised Amouranth for putting on an entertaining and enjoyable show.

Following this massive success, Amouranth has hinted at more content like StreamerRoyale, asking fans on Twitter if she should produce more Twitch events in the future. She wrote: “I HAD A BLAST!! SHOULD I DO MORE EVENTS AND ONLY TYPE IN CAPS?”

Although the streamer hasn’t officially announced any new Twitch projects as of yet, it’s clear Amouranth is interested in pursuing these types of streaming events further.