Among Us Servers are down

Who broke the servers again?

Image via innersloth

The latest party-game sensation Among Us appears to be, according to reports coming in from users.

Players who’re currently trying to join a game are being greeted with an error that reads, “Matchmaker is full,” a server-side problem. The same error also pops up when the matchmaker fails to find an impostor for the match, so you can still try re-queuing instantly after the first warning.

If the issue persists, the chances are InnerSloth will have to roll-out a server-side fix to let more users in, but you can also try to switch regions to see if other parts of the world are having the same problem. Switching to a different region that’s off its prime time will allow you to play in a less crowded environment, and ping isn’t really an issue while playing Among Us.

Screengrab via InnerSloth

Despite being a two-year-old game, Among Us quickly became one of the most popular games of the past summer period after streamers started showcasing more of the game in front of live audiences.

This new surge in players has been decent for the community, while InnerSloth’s servers have been one step behind the latest trend.

Though there are various fixes players can try to fix the connectivity issues, only InnerSloth can fix similar problems entirely by updating its servers.

Keeping an eye on the Twitter page of the developer can be one of the best course of action since InnerSloth updates its users frequently regarding the latest developments. Community hubs, like Reddit, will also be a great source to see if the issues surrounding the servers pursue.