All Minecraft Championships (MCC) 17 teams

This month's revamp is looking spicy.

Image via Noxcrew

The quick turnaround from Minecraft Championships (MCC) 16 is already almost complete with Noxcrew announcing the teams that will be competing in MCC 17 on Sept. 18. 

Just like with every MCC event so far, there are 10 teams featured in the competition. Each will feature four content creators or streamers who will play eight different mini-games to earn coins in a fight to place in the top two. 

The two teams with the most coins at the end of the eight events will battle it out in one final showdown for the MCC title. 

In the previous event, Dream won his second straight MCC alongside his teammates F1nn5ter, BadBoyHalo, and Seapeekay on the Pink Parrots. This tied him with HBomb94 for the most wins in MCC history at four apiece, putting each one win away from earning a custom five-win medal

With MCC 17 set to go live at 2pm CT on Sept. 18, here are all of the revamped teams that will be competing and streaming their perspectives, updated as Noxcrew continues announcing the rosters ahead of the event. 

Red Rabbits

  • GeorgeNotFound
  • Sapnap
  • Tubbo
  • vGumiho

Orange Ocelots

  • Falsesymmetry
  • Grian
  • PeteZahHutt
  • SB737

Yellow Yaks

  • Smajor
  • Wilbur Soot
  • Ranboo
  • Shubble

Lime Llamas

  • Quig
  • GeminiTay
  • fWhip
  • SolidarityGaming

Green Geckos

  • 5up
  • Jack Manifold
  • Nihachu
  • Punz

Cyan Coyotes (previously Cyan Creepers)

  • Karl Jacobs
  • Dream
  • Tommy Innit
  • Ponk

Aqua Axolotls

  • Antfrost
  • CaptainSparklez
  • Kara Corvus
  • Eret

Blue Bats

  • Ph1LzA
  • Sneegsnag
  • King_Burren
  • Wisp

Purple Pandas

  • ReNDoG
  • InTheLittleWood
  • Hbomb94
  • Cubfan

Pink Parrots

  • Vixella
  • Fruitberries
  • KryticZeuZ
  • Illumina