Starfield: 5 beautiful planets to build an Outpost on

Check these five vibrant planets for your next Outpost destination.

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Outposts in Starfield are primarily used for extracting valuable resources for research and crafting, but outposts also act as your terrestrial home base. You might already have a few outposts scattered around the settled systems for more practical purposes and now want to settle down on a planet simply for the natural splendor and beauty.

Of the thousands of planets within Starfield, plenty offer great views and unique atmospheres for you to call home. If you are looking for the most beautiful planets to plant an outpost on, here are our picks.

Top five beautiful planets to start an Outpost on in Starfield

5) Codos (Cheyenne System)

Image of red grass with mountains the background.
Codos is the perfect spot if you want an Outpost on the plains | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Codos is a moon of the planet Akila, found in the Cheyenne System. Unlike most moons, this is completely habitable, with lush plains of red grass and vibrant trees. There are also tons of islands on Codos that make for a perfect outpost spot. Though you might just be looking for a relaxing environment, there are actually tons of useful resources on Codos as well, including iron, aluminum, and argon.

4) Muphrid IV (Muphrid System)

Image of a sparsely forested region with large stone pillars and mountains in the background.
This planet has some of the best mountain ranges I’ve found so far | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Muphrid IV is a planet within the Mphrid System, located northeast of Alpha Centauri and north of the Kryx System. This is another planet with diverse biomes, however, my favorites are undoubtedly the savannahs and mountainous regions. If you are looking for a mountain retreat, then Muphrid IV is the place to go.

3) Eridani II (Eridani System)

An image of a planet in Starfield
Eridani is a tropical paradise, when it isn’t raining | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Eridani II is a planet within the Eridani System, found to the southwest of Alpha Centauri and across from Kapteyn’s Star. Though clouds and rain obscure the picture above, Eridani II is filled with tropical areas that rival even Paradiso. If you want an outpost by the water, few planets are better than Eridani II.

2) Tidacha I (Tidacha System)

Image of lush trees filling a forested area.
These lush forests can be found on Tidacha I | Screenshot by Dot Esports

As you can probably surmise from the last two planets on this list, forests are my favorite biomes in Starfield. Tidachi I is the sole planet in the Tidacha System and boasts one of the most beautiful forests in the entire universe. Here, you not only get vibrant plains of red grass but also vibrant trees that remind me of summer.

1) Sumati (Narion System)

Image of a grassy plain with dark blue trees in the distance.
The blue trees of Sumati are one of the most unique geographical features I’ve found in Starfield | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Sumati is hands down my favorite planet in Starfield, and this is mostly because of the iconic blue trees found in the forest areas. This is the single most unique feature I have found in my travels across the universe and my current favorite spot to call my home base. You can find this gem inside the Narion System, the star system where you begin Starfield.


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