How to find the Gorge’s Secret in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

A hunter's treasure.

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In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you will interact with various NPCs who give Cal Kestis certain side quests. These side quests are called Rumors in Jedi: Survivor and Gorge’s Secret is one of them. You need to know how to uncover Gorge’s Secret.

In Jedi Survivor, Rumors and Bounties are available for Cal to complete, and these can be rewarding if you want to take a break from the main Star Wars storyline.

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Most of the Rumors require you to navigate to certain areas to find different collectibles. The Gorge’s Secret Rumor involves the giant friendly beast on Koboh, and you will also unlock a new area while completing this side quest. Likewise, solving this Rumor will reward you with a unique lightsaber customization option.

How to complete the Gorge’s Secret Rumor in Jedi: Survivor

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After meeting Greez in Koboh, you’ll get to invite NPCs to Pyloon’s Saloon. One of the NPCs you’ll find nearby is a Prospector, located just outside the back exit from Cal’s room at the Pyloon. You can interact with this NPC after completing the Forest Array mission. He informs you about a secret spot with a beautiful view near the Gorge. However, this area is inaccessible via regular means, and you must figure out a way around.

Start by visiting the friendly Trontoshell near the Derelict Dam meditation point. Cal can tame wild animals with his Fauna Confusion Force Power, and you must use it on the Trontoshell to navigate from this area.

After taming the gigantic animal, you will need to climb the vines on its left tusk, and then jump to a platform to reach the Winding Ravine area.

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The Winding Ravine is a huge area with several enemies and collectible items. You can always come back later to collect the chests and other items. To complete the Gorge’s Secret Rumor, you must navigate through the Winding Ravine, and reach the Dredger Gorge area. Check the map image above to see the exact location.

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After reaching the Winding Ravine, drop down and eliminate the Gorgelings quickly. You will see two entrances on either side at the end of the path. Walk through the entrance on the right-hand side, and you will find a wall to run across. You need to wall run here to reach the other side that’s marked with the yellow arrow in the image above.

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After reaching the other side, you will come across another wall run spot, but this time it is between boulders. Here, you need to jump from one boulder to the other after wall running. There is a rope you need to grab onto at the end of this wall run. It is marked by the yellow arrow above. Make sure to double jump after wall running on the last boulder, and use Cal’s Force powers to pull the rope. Swing on the rope and jump to the cliff ahead.

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On this cliff, you will come across a hostile Gorocco. These beasts can be tricky to deal with. Use your Force powers and lightsaber skills to defeat the creature, and walk to the end of the cliff. You will find a Relter here that will carry you to the other side of the mountain. Fly to the other side, and land on the farthest cliff, as shown in the image above.

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There is a chest on the far end of the cliff, and you’ll face a few smaller enemies here. Defeat them quickly and interact with the chest. Inside, you will find the Hunter lightsaber set. It looks spectacular with color customization options.

Unlocking the chest completes the Gorge’s Secret Rumor, and you can safely exit the area by flying on the Relter.

Before flying off, make sure to cut the rope near the chest to unlock a shortcut that you can then use to later visit this area directly from the Winding Ravine.


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