UNO! Mobile brings its unpredictable roots to esports with new UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series tournament

Join in on the mobile UNO action.

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Written in partnership with UNO! Mobile.

Everyone is familiar with the classic card game UNO. The globally loved title is now on mobile, bringing the game to new audiences with fresh competitive twists. While the current mobile esports ecosystem is dominated by fairly new releases in the shooter and strategy genre, UNO! Mobile represents an entirely new offering.

A universally popular title across all genders, multiple age groups, and cultures, UNO! Mobile brought a uniquely accessible, inclusive, and unpredictable experience to mobile esports with its first UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars.

The tournament, which ran from Aug. 12 to 26, was hosted by streaming giant Ludwig and featured a cast of prominent creators across gaming and esports, including Valkryae and CouRage. Across three weeks, the competition was anything but “casual,” with tons of hilarious arguments, drama, and intense moments.

Top HILARIOUS Moments | UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars – YouTube

Unpredictable ups and downs kept competitors and the millions of spectators on the edge of their seats. The tournament topped the YouTube streaming charts. 

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BenTimm1 and Orange Juice established themselves as the tournament favorites to win from the offset. Week two saw BobbyPlays and NoahFromYT rising to the top of the competition. Despite being eliminated, LilyPichu and kkatamina surprised the competition by returning for the final, having secured their spots alongside Valkryae through fan votes. 

Image via UNO! Mobile

In the finals, LilyPichu had a winning strategy by saving a wildcard until the end, truly earning the championship and bringing home the gold UNO wildcard. 

LilyPichu is an UNO ESPORTS CHAMPION – Interview – YouTube

With a mixed competitor pool, the recently concluded UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Stars illustrates the potential for accessible and inclusive tournament platforms. LilyPichu’s success alongside many female players’ presence was met with strong fan reception. The tournament exceeded 20 million livestreaming views across UNO! Mobile and the All-Stars’ participants channels and cemented Mattel163 as a serious contender in the mobile esports space. 

Since mobile gaming is sweeping the esports industry, UNO! Mobile has entered the competitive gaming ecosystem in full force. The extremely low barrier-to-entry, wildly unpredictable gameplay, and global reputation of the title challenge the current mobile esports scene. It opens a new point of entry into the scene by transcending age, gender, and background. 

Mattel163 has already planned multiple tournaments under the UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series banner, via a Community Cup. The field will be open to more UNO players in the near future. 

To get in on the UNO! Mobile action, download the game here. And to watch the complete tournament play out, visit UNO! Mobile‘s official YouTube channel.