Nintendo previews new song from Splatoon 3 soundtrack

Will the soundtrack for the next installment in the series finally get the praise it deserves?

Image via Nintendo

With Splatoon 3 coming out in September, Nintendo has been teasing new features and extras over the last few months—including a new song from the game’s soundtrack, revealed earlier today on social media

The in-game track, titled “Sea Me Now,” is performed by the rock outfit Front Roe. Players got a one-minute preview on Twitter, where Nintendo shared a video snippet of it this morning. Artwork for the band is featured in the video.

For years, fans of the Splatoon series have praised the soundtrack as one of its most iconic features. This has led Nintendo to release separate soundtrack albums, named Splatunes, for each of the games. In Japan, these OST albums have physical versions, sold in local record stores.

This new teaser is evidently not a full version of the song, but it does seem to give fans a good idea of what to expect from Splatsville’s favorite punk rockers. It is likely that they still need to wait until the game releases to have a full version. If the previous installments in the series are any indicators, though, Nintendo will probably also announce an official OST album on a future date.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the new title would include all previous basic weapons from the series. A new sub-weapon, the Angle Shooter, was also unveiled. You can test the new weapons for yourself when Splatoon 3 releases worldwide for Nintendo Switch on Sept. 9, 2022. You can pre-purchase the digital version now on Nintendo’s eShop and website.

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