When does Rocket League’s deathmatch event start and end?

This limited-time event is called Knockout Bash.

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League has been known to introduce a handful of limited-time events. And now, a deathmatch mode is available wherein the main goal is to destroy all of your opponents’ cars and be the last Battle-car standing.

The deathmatch mode is called the Knockout Bash, which the latest PlayStation blog post describes as an event in which “novices and veterans alike will need to master the new attack, block, and grab mechanics to claim victory.”

All eight players that may participate in a single match can also use the “kill zones” in the maps, forcing their opponents to battle and win while using the new attacking, grabbing, and blocking mechanics introduced in Knockout Bash.

“The initial idea behind Knockout mode was to create a new experience for players. A place where they can go to have new fun with their friends,” Psyonix programmer Sky Breen said. “The team had lots of inspiration during the development of the mode. Pulling ideas from various fighting games, battle royal games, all the way to its core, the game of rock, paper, scissors. “

Knockout Bash will run from April 27 to May 10. Although it will be available for just two weeks, expect some surprises and new experiences, including the new maps which you can use in Knockout Bash.