How to get a Fennec in Rocket League

Treat yourself with a Fennec.

Image via Psyonix

There are more than 60 vehicles in Rocket League, and each vehicle belongs to a different class when it comes to their hitboxes.

The shapes of each class within the game code determine the angles from which you’ll be able to hit the ball. Not all hitboxes are equal since some of them scale at hitting airballs, while others will make it easier to control the ball on the ground.

Most professional players favor Fennec and Octane when it comes to their vehicle of choice. These two belong to the Battle-Car hitbox family, and there’s a reason why they’re regarded higher than other options in the game. Despite having the same hitbox, some vehicles can be longer or taller in terms of their design. This causes consistency issues since you can’t see your own hitbox during a Rocket League match. You’ll only be able to tell if you can hit a ball or not based on your car’s shape, increasing the importance of accuracy.

Fennec and Octane are the two cars that are almost identical to their hitbox shapes, making them two top choices for professional players. While Octane will be available for all players since it’s one of the first unlocked cars in Rocket League, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to unlock Fennec. It was only available through the Totally Awesome Crates when it was first introduced to Rocket League, but with crates out of the game, you’ll need to try out other ways to unlock Fennec.

Here’s how you can get a Fennec in Rocket League.

Get a Fennec through trading

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League has a robust trading system that allows users to share cosmetics or even sell them on third-party websites. The easiest way to secure yourself a Fennec will be through trading. Ask around your friends to see if they have a spare copy of a Fennec, or you can search online to find yourself a cheap version of the vehicle.

Unpainted ones usually cost a lot less, and you can redesign them after purchase.

Keep an eye on the in-game item shop

Rocket League has an in-game shop that rotates. This means that there will be different items when the timer on the shop hits zero. No one knows which set of items will be available next in the shop, but there’s always a chance that it can be a Fennec.

If Fennec appears in the shop, you’ll be able to purchase it for credits. You can obtain this in-game currency by purchasing it, leveling up your Rocket pass, or through item packs.

Craft a Fennec yourself

Image via Psyonix

When you play a Rocket League match, there’s a chance that you may get a random blueprint at the end as a reward. The percentages are unknown but there’s a chance that that blueprint can belong to Fennec.

Blueprints allow you to craft the item they showcase, and it is the cheapest method of unlocking cosmetics in Rocket League. You’ll spend considerably fewer credits when you craft Fennec yourself, but it may take longer than you would like.

Blueprints are untradeable items that only drop after completing online matches, so you won’t be able to purchase them on the internet.

If you can’t seem to get a blueprint for Fennec and don’t want to spend any money to acquire it, you can use an alternative car, Octane. It has the same dimensions as Fennec and also the same hitbox, meaning they’re practically the same vehicle.