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The mirror room in Glistering Cloister from Remnant 2.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Remnant 2: How to solve the Glistering Cloister mirror room riddle in the Awakened King DLC

Will what is hidden e'er be found?

The Awakened King brought tons loot to Remnant 2. Most of the time, you just have to defeat infuriating optional bosses to get your hands on the goods—but one ring found in the Glistering Cloisters requires something even more daunting: a riddle.

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Read on to learn how to solve the mind boggling mirror room riddle in Remnant 2 and what you’ll be rewarded with for doing so.

Where is the Glistering Cloister mirror room in The Awakened King?

As you’re making your way towards the ominous castle in the Forlorn Coast, Glistering Cloister is an optional path that leads to Bruin, the Blade of the King. Or, as you may know him, just the absolute worst. The Cloister is located towards the northeast portion of the Forlorn Coast, underneath the giant collapsed bridge leading to the castle.

The map of Forlorn Coast in Remnant 2: The Awakened King.
This map gives me anxiety. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you enter the Glistering Cloister, you’ll see the whole area is shaped like a capital T. The place you just entered is on one end of the top line of that T, Bruin is at the bottom, and the mirror room is at the other end of the top.

Because of some winding corridors and odd passageways, it isn’t a straight shot to the mirror room from the entrance, but it isn’t particularly tricky to reach it either. So long as you know where you’re trying to go, you won’t have any problems.

The room is pretty much impossible to miss once you’re there—it is a gorgeous open gothic hallway with an enchanting dark, cool mirror where the floor should be. There are two pathways surrounding the room that lead to balconies overlooking the room, but these are not relevant to solving the room’s secrets.

How to solve the mirror room puzzle in Glistering Cloister

If the sheer beauty and lack of an obvious reason for entering the room weren’t proof enough there is a secret item hidden, a note on a table would give it away. In the room, a single table contains a note with the following passage:

A bird alight  Without a wing A lauded song No voice can sing A branch that falls Without a sound Will what is hidden E'er be found?

If you’re wondering just what the heck that riddle means, wonder on—I have no idea. Other than the obvious allusion to a hidden item, I’m fairly certain all that bird and song mumbo jumbo is nothing more than mumbo jumbo. At least, it won’t help you solve the riddle in any way I could see, and I pride myself on my riddle-solving prowess.

The note with the cryptic riddle in the mirror room of Glistering Cloister in Remnant 2.
Umm…cool? Screenshot by Dot Esports

The secret lies within the mirror

It’s not shocking the key to solving the mystery of the mirror room lies in the mirror. I mean, how dissatisfying would that be if the floor was purely decorative? If you examine the floor, you can see some reflections don’t match up exactly with the real world. In particular, there is one glowing vase that can only be seen in the mirror.

In the center of the mirror room, the giant stone pillar has several cutout storage shelves full of candles and vases. On one side, a cutout hosts nothing more than a few humble unlit candles. However, looking down into the mirror reveals a glowing vase next to these candles in the reflection. Take note of its exact location in the reflection, and then shoot where it should be in the real world.

You will know you hit the secret vase—the aftermath is impossible to miss. An unseen vase will shatter, and a purple item will fall to the ground at the base of the pillar.

That wasn’t so hard (it took me 40 minutes). Video by Dot Esports

Glistering Cloisters mirror room riddle reward: Shaed Stone

That purple item you saw fall to the ground is a ring called Shaed Stone, and it increases all skill damage by 12 percent. Depending on your build, this might not make a huge difference—but for my Hunter/Ritualist, it has made me an absolute menace.

The Shaed Stone is just one of many items hidden throughout Forlorn Coast and The Awakened King, so make sure you keep checking back for new guides as you progress through the DLC.

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