When does new PUBG map Deston release on Xbox X/S and PlayStation?

Here's when console players can survey the scene.

An aerial view of the new Deston map.
Screengrab via PUBG Studios

PUBG has released its first new map since going free-to-play back in January. Called Deston, the huge map features a partially-submerged city, swamplands, and other areas for enterprising players to explore. Like most patches of this size, the update also includes new weapons, new vehicles, and a new Survivor Pass full of cosmetics for players to purchase.

As expected, players are most eager to get their hands on the new map, which presents the largest amount of new gameplay opportunities. Deston is launching at different times on PC and console, so fans will need to keep an eye out for the launch date for their preferred platform.

Here’s when Deston releases on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation.

Deston’s release date

Deston is live now for all players on PC, as is the rest of the update. Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation players will need to wait until July 21, the official release date for Deston on console.

Deston features the tallest skyscraper in all of PUBG, which players will be able to scale using new tools called Ascenders. Deploying one will instantly zip a player to the top or bottom of a building, allowing them to quickly scale tall structures and get the drop on—or escape—enemies. All players will have access to parachutes on Deston, allowing them to safely glide down from high places.

Besides Deston, players will be able to get their hands on two new weapons when the update drops: the 012, a rapid-fire shotgun, and the MP9, an SMG that comes standard with a suppressor and laser sight.

Fans will also be able to engage with new vehicles, including the Pillar Car, which can quickly move players across the map, and the Airboat, which can traverse both water and land.

Deston is live now in PUBG on PC. It will release on console on July 21.