Xbox One PUBG will get the desert map Miramar in May

PUBG's second map is coming soon for console fans.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans on Xbox One have been enjoying the game’s default map, Erangel, since it launched on console in December. Soon, though, they’ll get to try out the game’s second desert map.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene revealed at a PAX East panel that Miramar will be coming to Xbox One some time in May, according to Polygon. The wait for a new location to play on is almost over for Xbox players.

Greene made the announcement at a special event at PAX East which featured Deadmau5 playing PUBG on Xbox One. The electronic music DJ landed just one kill over several rounds of play, according to Polygon, and no other real relevant news was revealed at the panel. The whole event can be viewed in its entirety on the PAX Twitch channel.

Miramar first came to the PC version of PUBG in December alongside the game’s 1.0 release, but it will be the console’s first taste of something besides Erangel. Greene didn’t give a specific release date other than the month of May.

This weekend’s “Tequila Sunrise” event mode in PUBG takes place on the Miramar map, and it utilizes shotguns and melee weapons, with all other weapons being disabled. It’s a fun, fast-paced spin on the normally methodical gameplay formula that PUBG has become known for.

The Xbox version of PUBG is still in the early access phase as part of the Xbox Game Preview program, with numerous recent updates continuing to try and optimize the game for better performance and to fix bugs and glitches.