You can try out vaulting and climbing on PUBG’s test servers next week

The big one is upon us.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to be changed forever, as next week will see the addition of vaulting and climbing in a huge 1.0 update on the game’s test servers.

First teased at E3, vaulting and climbing should have a profound impact on PUBG. Players should no longer feel safe knowing that an enemy can approach from multiple angles due to being able to climb in through a window, jump on top of a car or a wall, or vault over high obstacles to approach them.

Overall, the update should add more flexibility in how the game is played, and variety is not a bad thing. But bugs and problems are expected to occur, and that’s why PUBG Corp wants players to heavily test the new features.

“On the technical side, the system consists of about 40 animations adjusted for different heights and situations,” the update blog post said. “We internally use the term vaulting to describe the action that involves crossing over an obstacle while climbing refers to a motion that will cause the character to remain on top of it. By default, control over vaulting and climbing is placed on the same key as jump and is context based.”

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There’s more to 1.0 as well, though, as the blog post lists other key changes—including client and server optimization, changes in vehicle driving, and an overhaul to ballistics. The way bullets drop and travel will probably feel different.

The blog also touched on the subject of cheating, which is a hot topic in the PUBG community right now. Although BattlEye bans are consistent, things like speed and aim hacks are still somewhat prevalent in the game.

“For a very long time, our development team has been analyzing data from a large pool of users who show abnormal gameplay behavior to build a system that helps us positively identify cheaters,” the post said. “We are now able to use the system to identify and ban these users more proactively. Using this system, we have already identified and banned about 20,000 additional users in only one day.”

Full patch notes for the update will be available early next week. But for now, PUBG players can expect some fun new changes to the game in the very near future.