Another massive update full of optimizations and changes is coming to PUBG’s test server

This is a big update.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

A huge, game-changing update is coming soon on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ test server, and it will have major implications on the game being released before the end of the year.

One of the main focal points of the update is a huge round of optimizations to the game across a variety of fronts. These improvements include character rendering and animation, rendering long range weapons, various effects, the loading of terrain, memory usage required for the depiction of characters and textures, and UI improvements.

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In theory, these optimizations should make the game run way better for a variety of PC builds. In-game framerate should improve as these optimizations have the overall aim of making the game perform as best as it can.

The new vaulting and climbing mechanic has also received an optimization, as holding shift when moving over an object will allow you to move over it entirely in one motion instead of only getting on top of it.

The new UI

A large amount of gameplay changes are also in the patch, as damage modifiers to arms and legs have been increased, with foot and hand damage being decreased. Bullet penetration in water has also been added, and the distance of the penetration will be influenced by the momentum of the bullet.

The additions don’t end with just the backend of the game, though, as two new weapons—the DP-28 light machine gun and AUG-A3 assault rifle—have been added. Also, the Kar98k will thankfully no longer spawn in care packages.

New damage modifiers

Additionally, there are quite a few minor quality of life changes introduced to improve the game, such as new noise made by the blue zone, a new sound when the player jumps into water, and a long list of changes to the user interface. A killcam has also been added, and will be shown when a player dies in Solos, or when a team is wiped in Duos or Squads.

The test server will run for two days, followed by a week of off-time, and then two more days in preparation for the game’s full release sometime in the next few weeks.