PUBG hits 30 million sales, but its player base is beginning to decline

Are hackers and cheaters scaring players away?

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has reached an impressive 30 million sales, but its player base is simultaneously shrinking, according to an industry analyst.

Bloomberg tech reporter Yuji Nakamura turned to Twitter to show that although PUBG hit the massive sales milestone, the game’s player count is slowly but surely winding down.

Nakamura thinks that the decline in player numbers has to do with rampant cheating in the game, which has been a severe issue for months. PUBG Corp. has tried numerous measures to curb the hacking and cheating in the game, but these type of players still flourish to this day.

The chart in Nakamura’s tweet shows a rather strong decline in the game’s active daily players since January. It most recently hit just above 2.5 million, which is still strong, but the decline is the most significant drop in players yet.

Most recently, BattlEye announced that it had banned over one million accounts in the month of January alone. It seems that no matter what measures are taken, players can still cheat the system.

If PUBG Corp. doesn’t find a stronger solution, its player base could continue to dwindle down until the game’s formerly massive popularity wanes even further.