BattlEye banned over 1 million PUBG cheaters in January alone

The cheating just won't go away.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

No matter what steps are taken, it seems like people just cannot stop trying to cheat and hack their way to chicken dinners in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

After having taken multiple steps to try to increase security, including the game’s publisher helping authorities arrest 120 hackers in China, the issue still persists. Last month alone, over one million accounts were banned, according to anti-cheat company BattlEye.

This number is astounding. In BattlEye’s last update at the end of December, the company said it had banned 1.5 million accounts in total since the game launched on Steam’s early access program in March.

Considering the total number was nearly reached in January alone, it seems like cheating in PUBG is getting worse, and efforts to stop it from happening haven’t worked. For whatever reason, players feel it’s worth buying new accounts to continue to try and cheat the system instead of just playing the game normally.

Attempting to use certain hacks and cheats, like ones that can help you see through walls or auto-aim at enemy’s heads for easy kills, can be automatically detected by BattlEye. Either BattlEye is getting better at detecting certain cheats as time goes on, or the cheating epidemic has nearly doubled in just a month’s time.