PUBG Mobile is getting new Halloween content

It’s available now in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.

Image via PUBG Corp

PUBG Mobile is getting spooky. PUBG Corp is bringing a Halloween update to the free-to-play battle royale game, including a new night mode version of the Erangel map.

Classic PUBG Mobile play on Erangel will alternate between day and night. Players will need to loot for night vision goggles to keep out of the dark. New map details, like buildings, trees, and barriers, have been added, too. Spooky decorations have also been added to all PUBG Mobile maps. Haunting grenade explosions, lootable scarecrows crates, and more have been spread around the game, PUBG Corp said in a press release.

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Halloween gear is available, including a weapon and vehicle skins. Naturally, the color scheme centers on orange and black, with lots of pumpkin influence. Players will also be able to customize outfits with new colors, logos, and accessories. Costumes available are a mummy set, skeleton set, and a count set. Two more are “coming soon.”

Beyond the Halloween stuff, PUBG Corp has added matchmaking improvements, spectator mode, crew challenges, new weapons, improved performance, and balance issues. New weapons and vehicles include the QBU DMR rifle and the Rony pickup truck on the Sanhok map. As for the crew challenge, leaders can now register crews of six players or less to compete for exclusive rewards. Full patch details are available on the PUBG Mobile site.